September 2009 Update

The Dude abides, and so does Beijing Daze

The Dude abides, and so does Beijing Daze

I left this little page unattended for a few months but a recent look at site stats showed that you folks are quite curious about yours truly since it’s in the top 5 most visited pages on the site! Your not-so-humble servant is honored at the attention!

I’m just another expat in Beijing with a fingers, a keyboard and enough IT knowledge to setup a blog and -as you might have noticed- I’m not afraid to use it!

I have been in China since Feb 2004 and in Beijing since Feb 2006 so it’s has been a few years. I love Beijing and can’t picture myself living anywhere else in this massive country! Why? The sheer diversity and complexity and simplicity of the experiences I’ve had in this mecca of smog!

This blog reflects more or less my interests in life which are food, music and IT! I spend quite a bit of time out and about in the city and can be found generally hiding behind a wine glass or a white russian in the greater chaoyang area with occasional escapades into dongcheng!

I started this blog to keep track of places I was looking for and present information/share experiences in Beijing in a way that I would have liked to find them thus the whole “biased perspective” thing.

I am not a professional journalist, critic or whatsoever… just a guy with a keyboard and time!!!

just random ramblings of another Beijing expat… I’m sure i’ll think of something smarter to put in here later but for now, this will do!
I mostly plan to write about the food and music scene in Beijing with some random posts here and there dealing with geekier things…
As I mention in the blog title, it’s all a biased perspective from yours truly. Feel free to disagree, argue and what not, just be polite!