Geek is Sexy: 10 questions with Jenny Bai & Girls in Tech China launch in Beijing

Moving away from music for a while into a reilm that i have recently neglected a bit: my inner geek!
This weekend marks the historic launch of Girls in Tech China, spearheaded by my good friend Jenny Bai who has also been involved in TEDx and the Geeks on a Plane initiatives. Jenny had kindly asked me a few months ago to be part of the advisory board for Girls in Tech, an honor I just had to accept! I mean come on! we got girls, tech.. what’s there not to like?
TO celebrate the event, I caught up with Jenny for 10 questions to see what she was up to and have her give the full 411 on Girls in Tech:

1- Whats going on in your world? This is your chance to plug your stuff:
By day, I lead product development and social media marketing for a stealth internet startup in NYC. By night, I sing blues in the NYC burlesque circuit, run a cross-border company ( and direct Girls in Tech China from my Skype account and Bernadette, my MacBook Pro. Lots of love for the latter two.

2- How did the whole Girls in Tech China come about?
I met the Founder of GIT, Adriana Gascoigne, during Geeks on a Plane last June in Beijing. Thought the GIT concept was interesting; saw that they had city chapters all over the U.S. and Europe. It seemed an unavoidable thing to do. China is actually the first Country chapter under the brand, which is really exciting. Looking forward to adding my share of innovation to the game.

3- The launch event is this saturday, what should we expect?
Pretty ladies in pink and black! Well, that’s only just the icing. Expect a private screening of an awesomely telling documentary, disruptive discussions, a signature cocktail (shhhh), a stellar group of powerful and influential people, and an exciting announcement at the end.

4- Where does it go after the launch? any projects or initiatives being planned?
Well, directly after the Launch comes the After Party. Open to everyone. Fubar: 8-10pm. Drink specials. A special drink. Girls in Tech. What more could you want?

But after the party? Nose to the grind again. Shanghai Launch next. Then June 1st brings an exciting initiative, which will probably take over our bandwidth until November . . . but you’ll have to wait until Saturday to find out 🙂

5- How did the team come together?
We started off with an amazing group of advisors (that includes you, Mister). And then I found a phenomenal core team, including Jing Zhou (Deputy Director) and Elyssa Wilensky (Event/Marketing Coordinator) as well as some stellar partners, all of whom were able to handle a great deal of the leg work – which has been most crucial to our progress, since I am no longer in Beijing. Actually, my team calls me robo Jenny, because I’m like the big talking head behind the Wizard of Oz screen. No colored smoke or sound effects just yet, though. We’re working on that part.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: try planning an event in Beijing while you’re over 6,000 miles away, and you quickly need an awesome team. And I’ve got one.

6- Word association: write the first word that comes to your mind.

* Beijing: chuan’r

* Shanghai: hometown

* Baijiu: floor

* sushi: 24-7

* Pink: Bobby McGee

* Polka dots: I Love Lucy

7- Just to keep track, how many projects are you involved in at this point?
I don’t think I have enough fingers and toes to count them on! But you know what? Most of what I do is connected by the underlying themes of technology and China. So really, it’s more like one big project. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

8 – What parts of Beijing do you miss now that you’re not here?
I really miss the street vendors. They made life so interesting.

9- You look like someone with a decent appetite and we love to eat over here. Any good Beijing Gems you care to share as far as Chinese food goes?
There is a tiny marketplace in Baihuanjiayuan (off the 3rd ring road, south of Jianwai Soho) that sells amazing whole roasted ducks and chickens for under 20 kuai. There’s nothing quite like hands and fingers pulling meat off the bone.

10 – What are you listening to these days?
A lot of Etta James and Eva Cassidy, and recently, a little bit of Gaga 😉

More about Girls in Tech China:
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