‘dazeFEAST 2013

It’s about time that this baby makes an appearance on the blog really… I’ve sent out the releases a while back but kept waiting for a few bands to confirm before getting down and dirty with the announcement. Well, it’s about freaking time for it to go out here, don’t you think?

So, yeah, in case anyone is wondering what the hell i’m writing about, i’m referring to ‘dazeFEAST 2013: Celebrating 4 Years of Music and Friends… and here’s hoping the celebration is kickass because i can tell you one thing folks, the bands involved are gonna be having a party.. and that’s what ‘dazeFEAST is about.

You’ve asked! They’ve asked!
They volunteered, I Agreed!!
Say Hello to ‘dazeFEAST 2013!!!

what: ‘dazeFEAST 2013
when: Saturday June 29th 2013 – Starting at 3:00 p.m.
where: 2 Kolegas
who: my favorite bands as well as anyone who appreciates a good party
how much: No Cover Charge.. please support the bands by buying merch

so, to wet your appetite, here is some of what you can expect ( in no particular order)

SUBS – 杀不死乐队
Bad Mamasan – 坏妈妈桑乐队
Amazing Insurance Salesmen 保险超人乐队 (new)
Randy Abel Stable – 马厩
Residence A – A公馆
Illness Sickness
Jacky Danny
Not There
Mademoiselle – 大小姐乐队
Hutong Yellow Weasels 胡同黄鼠狼
16 Min
Intrepid Adventurers 冒险王
Me Too 迷途
Ajinai’s Xiao Hu

Capoeira Mandinga Beijing – 巴西战舞
Beijing Comedy Group

and more surprises….

How about them bands folks? We’re gonna rock Beijing all over again! So, save the date and get ready… we’re gonna start with some roast lamb in the afternoon, have some capoeira on the grass and enjoy ourselves one hell of a party. I hope to see you there! Keep your eyes on this space for more info!!

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See you at the drive-in on June 29th