Do the Dew in da ‘jing

My oh my! Look what popped into your friendly Beijing neighborhood Walmart this past week:

Mountain Dew

Yes indeed! No my friend, your eyes are not deceiving you! It is really what you think it is, complete with the green color, syrupy taste and a kick of caffeine equivalent to an espresso IV.
This particular baby was found in the Wanda plaza walmart, along with dozens of siblings so here is hoping that it’s not a one off thing as it would definitely be considered cruel and unusual punishment…
After much hardship and a few minutes of baidu+google, I managed to track down the Chinese name (my hanzi recognition ain’t that good to begin with and definitely does not extend to graffiti fonts) and here we have it ladies and gents:

激浪 [jīlàng]: Furious and impetuous waves. (courtesy of )

what’s next on the shelves? how about some Sasparila???

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