Ginkgo delivers the energy, jamming and dancing in style

I wrote a few months ago about how Ginkgo (map) was slowly but surely setting themselves apart in Beijing with an eclectic mix of live acts and great times… This past saturday was just more evidence of that.

Their Jam line up for this past saturday didn’t even make it unto my quickslants for music this past week and i had no plans of being there but things didn’t go according to plan. My first choice was the Guai Li show at D22 or The Redbucks at Tiny Salt but i was stuck in the countryside way past 11:00 pm and missed both.

A few friends decided to to head over to Ginkgo and I was game.. I did not regret it for a bit!


The evening was a gigantic jam session with Pancho & Sol, Chimera and a few other musicians playing the night away while the crowd ate it up, danced it out and the combo made for an amazingly jovial and fun late evening out with a distinct Latin flavor. The 50+ crowd kept it going for hours and hours… it was tough leaving but fatigue won out.


It was my first time hearing Pancho & Sol and I loved their passion for the music they played. Not only that, they also had a great time dancing the night away while other bands performed and even when itunes took over musical duties that evening.

Kamila and Sarah, the sister that make up Chimera, were also part of the festivities! I had seen the for the first time 2 months ago at Mao Livehouse’s Folk Festival and as i told them, I had been hunting them down since then. The sisters embody what I love love about live music with fun up tempo songs and creative lyrics. One of their songs “Chasing Fireflies” (lyrics & mp3s here) has the words: “Suzanne, nothing is better than a one night stand. you’re gonna miss that girl”. Kamila is one of the hardest working ladies in Beijing, playing in 4 different bands on top of her solo appearances.

dancing the night away at Ginkgo

dancing the night away at Ginkgo

Ginkgo, please keep it up!!! I know here i can get my dance fix! and my homemade brandy fix..

2 good reasons to make it to Ginkgo(map) this week are:

1- Kamila & Sarah Thursday @ 9:00 pm : The sisters’ last show in Beijing for 2 months. Do yourself a favor and go catch it!!! The girls are FUN with a capital F

2- Ginkgo’s 1 year anniversary: it’s been a year since the rebranded room 101 opened and starting a phenix like rise. This will see the return to the limelight on the one and only Marie Claude of Mademoiselle et les chinois fame! details here

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