Welcome to the jungle, we got all the Yunnan mint you need

I discovered Yunteng Shifu as part of a Friday dinner series to visit all the Provincial restaurants in Beijing. Despite being lost in the shadow cast by the Sichuan and Xinjiang provincial restaurants, Yunteng Shifu (云腾宾馆食府), the Yunnan provincial restaurant is one of the better, albeit hidden, dining spot in Beijing.
The cuisine is 100% genuinely Yunnanese with all the staff hailing from the province. Rumor has it that even the ingredients are flown in from the Province daily but I can’t be sure. That said, I doubt they could find all the mushrooms they need in Beijing so they must be coming from somewhere.

The decoration is a bit kitchy but always stirs up conversation with my out of town friends as the place is decked out with vegetation, both real and plastic, all around the common rooms. One almost feels like they just landed in Yunnan!

– The food is exquisite: The spicy mint salad, albeit strange combination, works.. a great dish to start things with. Enjoy more mushroom dishes than Alice in Wonderland but leave some room for the “crossing the bridge” dish. The food is mostly spicy with exotic flavors that make it hard to associate this type of cuisine with China. Mint and Pineapple do stand out and even the local alcohol (mijiu served in bamboo jugs) exudes exoticness. As mentioned above, there is an abundance of mushroom dishes that I have never ever seen anywhere else in my whole life. Also, you can’t go there without trying the fried Yunnan cheese! The mix is sure to leave you with a big big smile on your face!

So tasty and colorful.... yummy for my tummy!!!!

So tasty and colorful.... yummy for my tummy!!!!

smiles abound, bellies filled and blue/green hair!

smiles abound, bellies filled and blue/green hair!

Pricing is reasonable 1 visit with two persons turned out to cost 200 RMB but we did get their most expensive mushroom dish. went back in with a group of 10 and had a feast for the grand total of 600 RMB.. One notable fact is that the place is completely open to you bringing your own wine and I highly recommend doing so. They have a few overpriced bottles of Yunnan wine that IMHO are just not worth it.

云腾宾馆餐厅(yún téng bīn guǎn cān tīng)
Yunnan Provincial Government Office,
7 Donghuashi Beili Dongqu, Chongwen District

reviews and map at: TheBeijinger | CityWeekend | dianping

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3 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    that looks really yummy! I’m gonna have to give this a try soon!

    • Beijing Daze says:

      You should! It’s a really cool place. I recommend keeping the phone number handy in case cabbies don’t know where it is.

  2. Alex says:

    it sounds like you might be interested in joining us on a culinary expedition one Monday night. You’re very welcome to join us – in fact, I’ve been taking inspiration from your blog.

    Check out http://www.jiaozimonday.com for information on our (almost) weekly meet-ups to explore Beijing’s great, cheap restaurants.