Getting lost for Dunhuang Shifu or where the hell is the Gansu Provincial Restaurant

Hand pulled noodles in the comfort of our private room

Hand pulled noodles in the comfort of our private room

I love my provincial restaurants and keep trying to get out and discover them as much as possible and with the cold that is hitting Beijing this winter, I figured some steaming hot Lanzhou noodles would be exactly what the doctor ordered.
I rallied the troops and plans were made to hit the less-traveled roads of Beijing and head over to Fuchengmen where Dunhuang Shifu 敦煌食府, the Gansu provincial restaurant, supposedly stood. To make a long story short, it no longer is there and the new location is in the third floor of the Feitian Hotel.

the new location is :

Fetian Dasha (map)
Gansu Provincial Government Office
5 Guangqumenwai Nanjie, Chongwen District
飞天大厦 甘肃省驻京办 崇文区 广渠门外南街5号
Tel 6777 8000

To be noted is that the restaurant at this point only has private rooms, no common dining area is available so reservations are highly highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

so, rest in peace, dunhuang shifu! we never really knew ya! I will definitely be shooting for the Fei Tian Da Sha in the near future.

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