There’s nothing fishy about Ichigo Ichie: Great Cozy Sushi in Gulou

There are quite a few decent sushi/teppanyaki options in Beijing, mostly scattered around the CBD, Haidian or even Wangjing but when it comes to the GuLou area, it’s slim pickings. Back in the good old days, there was a gem called Liu Ben Mu off of Ghost Street but it’s been long gone!

Yours truly was headed to a show in the drum and bell area and needed to find a sushi joint to satisfy the fishy cravings of my companions.. Enter Ichigo Ichie 一期一会 (lit. “one life, one encounter” in Japanese).

cozy n tiny

This tiny little in the Nanluoguxiang are has 3 tables + a countertop. It’s literally the smallest sushi joint i’ve gone into! The total staff was 2: The owner who was also the chef and one waitress. I don’t think you could fit more anyways given the size of the establishment.

The menu was quite simple, diverse without being overly confusing with clear section on sashimi/nigiri , rolls, hand rolls and other dishes.

we had a some classics as well as a few non-classics like the Nanluoguxiang Roll which we just had to try by virtue of our location. It turned out to be a tasty affair with tuna, cucumber, seaweed amongst other ingredients.

it's the simple things in life

The tuna and salmon rolls were priced at a reasonable 18 RMB and tasted quite fresh.

The hand rolls (10RMB/piece) were just a tad bit on the dry side but nevertheless tasty and we had 2 servings each.. again, both salmon and Tuna were tested and tasted.

loved the tuna.... and making my dinner companions wait while i took the pic. Note the over-eager hand

No sushi meal is complete without nagiri in my book so we got ourselves some shrimpies and more tuna as we were all basically tuna/salmon addicts.

Overall, the experience was great, the staff friendly and the food good. This little Nanluoguxiang gem really channels the bohemian community spirit and it’s highly recommended.

That said, the place is set to close and move after Spring Festival (2010) to a new location also in Gulou/Nanluoguxiang Era. Keep the mobile number listed below handy for directions in case you decide to head over.

Does anyone know about other little sushi gems around the area?

Ichigo Ichie 一期一会

Dōng Chéng Qū Nán Luó Gǔ Xiàng Xiǎo Jú ér Hú Tòng 73 Hào
+86 134 0110 0356
+86 134 2620 9148

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