Wild for Wings 3: Hot Bean Cooperative Revisited

If you haven’t done so, take a look at the previous installements of the Wing series at Kuan Dian & Xidan Chiku

And the quest to find Beijing’s best wings continues with this step taking us to an old faithful: Hot Bean Cooperative! (map)

I’ve been to Hot Bean many times in the past (read here for previous writeup) but unfortunately, it’s disappeared from my regular stops over the last few months. I figured it was time to round up the troops and head there since no wings comparison would be complete without them. 7 of us gathered there on a cold saturday night and proceeded to start the festivities!

The menu has changed a bit from my last visit with a few items like papaya salad getting the boot but alas, the wings were all there!
Their flavors cover a decent spectrum with Original, one side spicy, biantai (evil), Korean flavor, garlic and BBQ. We ordered a few of each as well as some dry tofu slices and crushed cucumber in vinegar.

The first batch out of the kitchen were the one-side spicy and the biantai:

The one-side spicy were alright with a fierce after taste of chili peppers whereas the biantai ( evil) were devilishly spicy. I think these got the “best” reaction so far out of me when compared to the other wing joints i tried.

Up next were a mix of all the other flavors with garlic ones being clearly the winners of the evening for all those in attendance! I personally like the Korean flavor but they were a bit on the dry side whereas the serving of garlic goodness was quite juicy. We actually ordered 2 batches of Garlic wings which ended up tasting a bit different to my surprise.

Overall, the wings were still pretty darn good with some people joking that it was their best meal of that week but i couldn’t help but feel slightly underwhelmed by this visit. That said, it was one OK visit as opposed to many great ones.

One thing to note on this visit is that they were out of many things, especially potato stuff. J mentioned that it’s been happening often enough as of late and that is something that never happened in the past.

The wings here are on average at RMB 4.5 stick

Maps, reviews and location for Hot Bean Cooperative (map) (炒豆合作社)at:

Thebeijinger | Dianping | Cityweekend | Beijing HaoChi

Dōngchéngqū Kuān Jiē Lùkǒu Běi 30 Mǐ Lùxī
tel: +86 10 8401 6165

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