Hutong Treasure: no-name chuan’r stand next to Jianghu Jiu Ba

I finish work quite late usually which makes it a bit inconvenient to catch a proper meal before heading to shows. So, over the past year, I’ve made my little list of convenient, easy to get to and easy on the wallet eateries next to each of the major concert venues i frequent.. Jianghu Jiu ba being one of them!
Just down the street, 200m east of the venue on Dongmianhua Hutong, lies an inconspicuous chuan’r stand that rivals the best Beijing has to offer in terms of street east. I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago when Ruby and I trekked from MIDI to NLGX so that we could catch GAWTMY and we were both pretty surprised at the quality of the meat on a stick they offered! A few friends stopped by that day and had a few with us, they all agreed:

  • There was more meat than fat on the chuan’r
  • The lamb was tender and juicy
  • The Chuan’r was lightly spiced with just enough flavors to make it delish without taking away to meat taste.
  • Chicken wings used the same seasoning as the lamb and were crispy on the outside, juicy and soft on the inside

chuan'r done just right

since i managed to find myself at Jianghu quite a few times since then, I have gone back and done second/third/fourth trials. The evidence is conclusive and the jury unanimous: That little guy over there cooks a mean chuan’r with excellent meat! The Chicken wings ain’t bad either and the prices more than reasonable at 1rmb chuan’r and 3 rmb for wings.

So next time you find yourself in the area, stop by chuan’r man and have a few stick.. get some crushed cucumber from the restaurant next door and immerse yourself in the hutong/chuan’r experience.

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  1. Wow. You’re making me hungry. That chuan’r looks so yummy. Missing the late night chuan’r munchies.