Na Jia Xiao Guan Revisited: Manchuria Still Rules My Stomach in Beijing

I’ve said it before and I’ll start this by saying it again: I’d much rather go to a mid-high end Chinese restaurant in Beijing than one of the 1000 mediocre and sorry excuses for a western restaurant pretending to be the best thing since sliced bread!

Na Jia Xiao Guan 那家小馆 is a one of the biggest reasons for this particular line of thought because of their consistent quality, service level, atmosphere. My original post about that place was a little over a year ago and I’ve gone back a few times since then without taking the time to write about it. I figured they’re overdue for a revisit and that’s what this is!

– The place is still amazingly busy with no way for reservations unless you’re getting a private room 3 days ahead of time.
– The service is still friendlier than most chinese restaurants ( and a few western ones too) with a lot of staff members going out of their way to say Hello and smile which is a big plus.

– The food is just as good as a remembered it from previous visits:
We ordered double portions of the glazed shrimps which was barely enough as everyone wants more. The venison stew didn’t feel as special this time around though; it was just as tender but it was lacking a little extra edge. The roast venison leg was juicy and tasty, the duck delish and most dishes just hit the spot!
we tried a couple of different veggies this time around just so that we don’t end up with the same dishes on every go and it was all exceptional.

Yup folks, one year later, this is still one of my top 5 restaurants of Beijing… may it be for chinese or non-chinese food! The 100’s of people that lineup on their doorsteps and wait their turns are definitely aware of it… Are you?

Do yourself a favor, skip that RMB30 fake plastic burger in sanlitun and get yours taste buds excited about something new. You could end up with a feast worthy of the Manchurian kings of old… like we did:

Na Jia Xiao Guan contacts and maps on:
Cityweekend | Thebeijinger | LocalNoodles | Dianping

Beijing Daze Previous Visit:

Dōngchéngqū Jiànguó Ménwài Yǒng ān Lǐ Xīnhuá Bǎoxiǎn Dàshà Nán Cè
+86 10 6567 3663, 6568 6553

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