Free Music: Vital Time unleashed with Cream of The Crop & Money Tree

Man.. so much music I’m loving it! this one is pretty darn special folks and just in time for tonight’s gig at Jianghu. If you recall, I mentioned Vital Time a few times before on this blog usually in the same vein at Michael Dallin ( of Bad Apples fame). I’ve been keeping an eye on this puppy project of his for quite sometime, getting occasional glimpses whenever they let something slip.
The process they’ve gone through to get the band together, pick and write songs was quite meticulous, leaving nothing to chance and now, we get a preview of it on before the band’s debut at Jianghu JiuBa tonight in Beijing.

We got two song demos courtesy of Michael: Cream of the Crop, which is an acoustic rocker of pretty darn good quality with unmistakable Dallin flavor. The second one, Money Tree, is a freaking screamer!! I love the track, the hard edged guitars and pun on words thrown in. Everytime i listen to Money Tree, I get visions of Tom Petty’s “My name’s Joe” on the LAST DJ album… really good shit. Ok.. enough talking, get the demos below and listen to them for yourself!!!

Vital Time Demo EP - Click to Download

Thanks to Michael For the tracks and I’m looking forward to hearing the bands live for the first time ever tonight at Jianghu Jiu Ba… and some chuan’r next door make it an even better evening! Here is the press release:

“Vital Time” Debut @ Jianghu Jiu Ba
Michael Dallin – Vocals
Fei Zai – Guitar
Zhang Yon – Bass
Li Le Jun- Keys
Yu Wei Ming – Drums

Almost a Year in the making and finally Vital Time is going to share a taste of their sound with all of you.
Vital Time began in August of 2009 when lead singer of “Bad Apples” “Michael Dallin” was introduced to local Rock Guitarist “Fei Zai” An imediate musical connection was found.
After much tribulation the right talented souls were found to join the band and now its time to come get your Rock on with the Fast and Fresh sounds of “Vital Time”. This is our Debut and its for all of you. Be there or be forgotten.

JiangHu Jiuba
7 Dongmianhua Hutong, Gulou
west off Jiaodaokou Nandajie, north from the intersection with Kuanjie

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