Freeloading: The Gar – Time Cue EP

We’re getting back in the mix here folks with the first of many new releases coming up over the next few weeks. The Gar has a little EP out, same song with 3 remixes by Beijing DJs…
It’s really Enya like and not half bad… I still think the band is overrated for what they are but I’m digging the direction. Either ways, can’t complain when they give you the music on a “pay what you like” model over on bandcamp. Here is the press release and sampler.

Since the Gar’s last work, the EP “The City of Burning Identities”, released in the fall of 2012, the band has quietly disappeared from sight for more than a year. Now, to kick off 2014, the Gar is back with an overturning remix EP called “Time Cue Remix”, a collaboration with Chinese top DJs Sulumi, me:mo and Dead J.

“Time Cue Remix” includes the original “Time Cue” track, which is on “The City of Burning Identities”, and three remixed tracks by the three DJs. On this EP, the Gar’s iconic Chinese rock melts with electronic music, presenting three totally different stylistic interpretations of the same song: cool deep techno, psychedelic ambient and soothing IDM, and opening up a whole new world of possibilities for the sounds of the Gar.
released 28 January 2014

not too bad, hey?

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