Geeks on a Plane Beijing Startonomics Greatest Hits

I drummed up the Geeks on a Plane affair in Beijing for a few days/weeks now and I must say it didn’t disappoint the lightest! Thursday’s event at the Orange Labs in Beijing was literally a peer to peer bootcamp of everything and anything technology related with quite a few heavy hitters taking the stage.
The best thing about this event was the lack of vanilla! It was all no-holds-barred honest to goodness opinions and analysis punctuated by the occasional f-bomb or WTF moment.

So, If Geeks on A plane were a great a rock band with a string of succesful hit records, this would be their greatest hits (from twitter):


  1. a mobile phone w/ attachment that turns it into a shaver (yes a shaver, as in facial hair) being passed around room. efficient gadget! #goap
  2. “Innovation does not have a nationality” – @benjaminejoffe …possible to take ideas from China to the world. cites Cmune as example #goap
  3. BBS = Big Business Sina (msg boards / forums) on 80% #China sites; Discuz is major player 70% market. (via @kaiserquo) #GoaP
  4. re: China censorship. foreigners don’t get it. barking up wrong tree w/ same GFW and not covering real story of censorship in China #goap. want a reality check on China’s internet at your conference, you invite @kaiserkuo to speak and drop F-bombs to wake folks up. 🙂 #goap
  5. RT @ripkin: John Wu, Fangjia: Stand on your head in middle of work day to see the world from a different perspective, and have fun #goap
  6. I dont agree. From VC panel: “In China, it’s not ready, aim, fire; it’s ready, fire, and see what we killed. Then follow the bodies. #goap
  7. Chinese games designed for one handed game play – so they can smoke! #multitasking #goap
  8. seriously. @frankyu rocks when it comes to a crash course on China’s online gaming sector. audience applause. #goap (via @christinelu) Game developers designing game systems which are totally free, incredibly addictive, and you can pay extra to get involved at higher levels
  9. RT @geeksonaplane: PC Online Game Business in China: 14 public internet companies in US capital market. 6 are PC online game companies #goap
  10. Virtual Currency Is HUGE in China, and has been for over 2+ years <- they've optimized and understand it! Take note. #goap. Wow. Chinese spend on avg 4.5 hrs/day playing online games <- sacrificing personal hygiene for bandwidth. #goap
  11. Steve Mushere wins award for geekiest techie presentation at goap. all good stuff and another reality check on little understood/known details about China Internet
  12. @davemcclure re: “Startup Metrics” says we suck …but he means it in a tough love sort of way for entrepreneurs and investors. #goap
  13. Unbelievable story about offline metrics by @DanMartell using pneumatic tire pressure gauge. ask him. #goap
  14. @davemcclure Quotable: “When optimizing your business, ask your customer, not your boss” @FlorianPihs #goap #metrics

Here are some links and summaries:

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