Beijing Conference Invasions: Of Geeks, Mobiles & Travel

When in China, anything worth doing is worth having multiple simultaneous instances off: Why have 1 festival when you can have 3 at a time? Why have one Mobile phone shop in a mall when you can have 30 of them on the same floor and why have only one international conference when you have two huge ones at the same time? Here’s looking at you CHINICT, WTTC and GOAP. uh? I hear someone ask.. let me explain:

CHINICT: the largest conference on China tech innovation & entrepreneurship

WTTC: Global Travel & Tourism Summit 2010 edition

GOAP: Geeks on a Plane, a bunch of VC from silicon valley travelling around the world

All these events are very much interfering with yours truly’s regularly scheduled activities as I happen to work in technology & travel so a regular day’s work is subject to constant interruptions to check out my twitter feed and follow the news live from the field! For those that care and understand hashtags, you’re looking at #goap , #wttc10 and #chinict to get your fill.

There’s some fairly smart and interesting people taking part in all these events and quite a lot of feedback and good information coming out of them tweets! If you’ve never tweeted, this a good time to get started and at least follow the events real time.
While most events are pretty much invite only or sold out, there are still a few opportunities out there to meet these good people and pick their brains.. see the websites above for more details.

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3 Responses

  1. Ruby says:

    What no Music Geek?! The Rock Geek looks like the guy from AC/DC …

    • Beijing Daze says:

      The music geek took a smoke break just as the picture was taken… got pissed off that it was taken without him and broke the camera!!! sounds plausible enough

  2. You pointed some nice topic. These tips are very helpful.