Ditan folk music fest

Folk for folks

Folk for folks

As reported by the various media outlets in Beijing ( thebeijinger blog ), this upcoming holiday weekend is music-loaded! Heck, if you open the dictionary and look up “music-loaded”, you’ll see “May 1-3 in beijing” :p
While all the shows are nicely advertised with full performance schedules, it’s been hard to find information about schedules for Ditan Park Folk Music Festival. Fear not, yours truly did some digging and managed to get the goods (it wasn’t that tough actually, all it took was an email to the organizers that they answered).
Both days are loaded with great performances by local acts that are a mainstay around the Beijing live scene… I’m personally looking forward to saturday’s performances by “Afrokoko Roots” as well as Mademoiselle et les Chinois

Please note Xiao He is playing on Friday Night not Saturday as described in the TimeOut magazine.

Ditan Park Music Festival – Programme

DAY 1 (May 1 – Friday)

16:30 Super kiss (Harmonic guitar slapping)

肃肃与老洪 susu and LaoHong ( Harmonica & Blues)

卢子健 luzijian ( Chinese Folk music)

5No Name (French Gypsy Jazz)
today (Chinese Folk trio)
尼古拉斯 Nicolas (Blues)

赵牧阳 ZhaoMuYiang (Xibei Folk Music)

山人 Shanren (Expiremental Chinese Folk Musician (Guizhou)

四月与盒子 Siyue Yi hezi

刚子 Ganzi (Mongolian Folk Music)
小河 XiaoHe

马条 Matiao ( Xinjiang)

耳光 Er Guang

DAY 2 (May 2 – Saturday)

Sat – 2nd 16:30 仲华 Zhonghua (Chinese Folk music)
Sat – 2nd 什刹海 Shishahai Folk band
Sat – 2nd 范世琪 Fanshiqi (Folk band)
Sat – 2nd 小猛与Sue XiaoMeng
Sat – 2nd 镜子 Jinzi
Sat – 2nd 狗毛 Gou Mao Taiwan Folk
Sat – 2nd Minority Jam Parade (Jonny & Friends)
Sat – 2nd 肖阳 Xiao Yang
Sat – 2nd 南无 NanWu
Sat – 2nd Afrokoko roots (15 piece Afro-Beat band)
Sat – 2nd 奥杰阿格与太阳部落 A’Ge
Sat – 2nd 蓝稻田 Landaotian (Funk band)
Sat – 2nd 冬子 Dongzi Chinese Folk Music
Sat – 2nd 白菜 Mademoiselle et les chinois
Sat – 2nd 22:00 苏阳 SuYang

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