bring on the geeks (and everyone else too): bookswap and boardgame saturday

Next time I hear someone talking about “there is nothing to do in Beijing but go out and get drunk in a bar”, I might hurl!!! There are plenty of happenings in the city that a lot of people are enjoying but are not always mediatized. Board Games and Bookswap Saturday in one of them.

This little community based/organized event gathering takes place on the first Saturday of every month at Sequoia Cafe on Guangha Lu, across from the Brazilian Embassy in Beijing. It’s been happening now for just over 1 year and is a completely NON-PROFIT initiative by some expat Beijinger including @moderntimes (on twitter) ( who happens to run one of my favorite websites about Beijing ) and Nick, one of the most knowledgeable men about boardgames that you’ll ever meet. Yours truly just tries not to get in the way!


The premise is quite simple: bring a book, take a book! (classics, textbooks and Chinese language titles not accepted). Considering your average foreign language book/novel retails for RMB100+ in Beijing, this ends up being quite a moneysaver for those avid readers. I have personally seen folks show up with 30+ books for trade.

bring it on, I dare you.... you're dealing with Settler Masters!

bring it on, I dare you.... you're dealing with Settler Masters!

The board games side of things is just a great way to spend an afternoon unwinding over coffee/juice/wine with a varied collection of games available: Apples to apples, Settlers, Risk, Louis XIV, chess, monopoly, etc… pick a game, grab a few folks and get going.

Sequoia Cafe:
logosequioaSequoia cafe is also a great great place to be. They make some amazing sandwiches with the chicken cranberry and the chicken pita at the top of the list. The coffees are reasonably prices and of excellent quality. The owner, Frank Siegel has been around the Beijing block a few times (in a good way) and is a highly respected F&B figure in this city.
Let’s not forget the great selection of fresh pastries made on site! Last but not least, Sequoia boasts some of the best value French wines in Beijing with bottles starting at a mere RMB69 for on-site consumption… definitely something that brings a smile to my face every time!

Sequoia Cafe maps and direction: Thebeijinger | MobileNative

Sequoia Cafe 美洲杉咖啡屋
Cháoyángqū Guānghuá Lù 44 Hào
+86 10 6501 5503

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