walking the posts: of Rai, Memorials and Farewell

It’s been a busy end of the week folks with shows and events scattered all around this lovely (and today quite rainy) city!

Thursday: Rai @ Ginkgo
Yup, somehow I managed to get to the Amine Kouider show at Ginkgo (k before g thank you very much) and that was quite enjoyable. I walked in a bit late around 11:00 to a full house enjoying the darbouka beats (tambourine) and distinctive North African rhythms with covers of classic Moroccan and Algerian Songs.
This kid with the wild curly hair has the place jamming despite a throat that was basically shot after a few hours of performing. Still, he carried on with an Encore and another encore at the request of some patrons. I can’t believe nobody has tried to jump on him yet for a couple of shows as he is still in Beijing for a few weeks. C’mon cafe/bar folks…. he’s gooooood!

Without him, the world is a far less amusing place!

Without him, the world is a far less amusing place!

Friday @ 2kolegas: Ian Sherman memorial

Made it to the show after a late dinner! I hadn’t been there in almost a year and the place changed quite a bit.. for the better I must say! The outdoors is more orderly, decked out with chairs, tents and a chuan’t stand. Caught the tail end of RandomK(e)’s show which was pretty darn good and spent the rest of the night chatting/dancing away. It did get a bit emotional for a bit with speeches about Ian… I’m sure he would have loved all the girls dancing their hearts out.

Saturday @ bookswap, Na Jia Xiao Guan and Rob’s farewell

The rainy afternoon turned the usually subdued affair into quite a busy one with tons of folks showing up for the bookswap and quite a few sticking around for board games. I don’t recall seeing Sequoia Cafe that busy on a saturday afternoon before. The selection is quite good folks!! I can’t believe more people are not showing up to get rid of their old books at this point! Besides the ton of English titles, we have now Dutch, French, Portuguese, German and Danish… howzdat?

As usual, Na Jia Xiao Guan didn’t disappoint! The place was busy when we got there around 7:30 without a reservation but the wait was shorter than usual, only 25mn for a 3 top! They were out of the venison stew and that was not cool as I had been drooling all day thinking about it but the duck and the pumpkin puffs more than made up for it. In the words of the govern-ator: “I’ll be back”

sexyrobFinally made it to Tun around 11 with Beijing Rob’s farewell show going full steam! A lot of familiar faces showed up for this one as expected and it rocked! There were a few guest spots and jams with Rob doing most of the heavy lifting and getting the crowd going! He even premiered some new songs I had never heard him perform before! The show was all we expected it to be until suddenly, all hell broke loose and the place cleared up due to a fight/argument in which Tun’s staff lost their cold!
Continuing my tradition of “a dime short, a minute late” I was busy seeing a man about a horse when it all went down and never managed to get the whole story. IT took all of 5mn for everyone to clear the place which was a bit of an anti-climatic end to an otherwise amazing evening! A shame, a real shame…

As a friend SMSed me on my way over to the show:

Never again will Beijing see a folk guitarist doing a 17mn reedition of “Hit me baby one more time”

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