And then there were 4 (maybe 5): H&M in Beijing

My oldest clothing items are from H&M and Wilson’s Leather! Let’s forget the leather one for now because that’s a whole other story on its own and focus on the H&M part.


Back in 1999, I was visiting New York and was asked by my Norwegian girlfriend to stop by this shop called H&M and pick up some items for her, which I did! I had never heard of H&M before and I have been addicted since then!
fast forward a few years to life in China! After a few months of living in Beijing, I never doubted once the decision of being here except when it came to 2 particular brands that Shanghai had and we didn’t: H&M and Burger King. No big deal however because I made it to Hong Kong once a year and was able to fill my need for both brands over there. That said, I grew slightly disappointed at the quality of H&M there, not to mention their prices. I resigned to an H&M free life where custom-tailored items could be a suitable replacement.
fast forward again to 2009 (always keep that remote handy when reading here yonder) when H&M finally decided to grace Beijing with its presence with not 1 but 2..yes 2 – two .. stores opening within a week of each other. I dragged a little posse over to one of the shops and was back in love again with the brand! The quality and price of the items in Beijing ( at the Qianmen location) was miles above what I had seen in Hong Kong a few years earlier! yeah baby….


well, before you know it, we now have 4 stores officially in Beijing with a rumored location for a 5th one according to google.. how do you like them fashionistas?


While I did like the Qianmen location, i must admit that it was a pain in the rear end to find and I ended up walking forever to get to it… having one closer in Dongzhimen is much better!
So we’re finally catching up with Shanghai in terms of affordable fashion and yours truly is excited about the upcoming Jimmy Choo collection that should be landing soon! Now if only Burger King snapped to it….. 🙁

H&M maps and locations:

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