Beijing Live Music Quickslants: melt n drool fest

Ok, after a small break in heavy good acts, we’re back to regular services with a whole lotta shows this week! While there are a whole bunch of ok options at the usual suspects each evening, here are the standouts:

Bad Apples make their return to the scene after weeks of banishment in Solana. They play Salud acoustically on Wednesday 13 (tonight) and Yugong Yishan along with The Amazing Insurance Salesman on Thursday 14.

Friday Jan 15:

Pet Conspiracy @ Yugong Yishan: These guys might not make my favorite music in the world but they are a freaking blast! Amazing showmanship and good old fashioned theatrics. You get art, music, costumes and so much more in one package with the one and only Helen Feng leading the onslaught. Sometimes, I go to a show because i want to see a show and this one fits the bill

G-ELEVEN @ Tiny Salt: Been hearing about these cats quite often lately and the buzz got me curious. The venue is also somewhere i have not been to yet and I’d be tempted to skip the crowds and weirdness of Pet Conspiracy in favor of some lesser know, less crowded gig.

Sat Jan 16:

In protest that my 2 vox crushes, Daisy Sweetgrass and Helen Feng, are playing Beijing on the same evening, I decided that it was too difficult to choose one or the other and will head out of town instead!

The Redbucks @ 2kolegas: Good old down to earth bluegrass with the gang! So far, 2 kolegas seems to be the venue that fits them best with the brick/dive interior. I always get a feeling that i’m somewhere down deep in louisiana when i go see them over there. Big props to the band for delivering on that white russian they promised me before.

Ziyo & Company at Mao Livehouse: Helen’s other band ( the good fun one in my opinion) plays Mao livehouse. get ready for screaming, shaking, microphone hanging action with a side of debbie harris. Buyi and Casino Demon round up the bill. As usual, at Mao, you never know who’s gonna go on first or last so get there on time and figure it out.

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