Humble Pie, it wasn’t a lie: Peace Show a reality (with an asterisk)

I came across the peace show website last week and was flabbergasted that no one in Beijing or China had spoken of it or about it considering how big of a deal it was. A little blog post and a side tweet got a few folks on it looking for details but there were none to be found. Making a long story short, I called it “potential vapor-ware” and didn’t think it was possible. that said, I also mentioned that I’d be first in line for a ticket if it were to happen

Fast forward a week!

Jimmy Page & Co at the press conference. Credits The Beijinger and Dan Edwards

Jimmy Page is in Beijing, the press conference took place and it’s definitely looking closer to a reality (with an asterisk*)

According to the real journalists on The Beijinger and City Weekend, here is what is happening:

– The show will take place April 17th, 2010.
– The Show will most likely be free
– The show will take place in or around the Bird’s nest
– Confirmed artists are: Jimmy Page, Xie Tianxiao along with a few B-listers at the moment.
– A few more Artists have pledged their participation but no video evidence *

So, already with Jimmy Page and Xie Tianxiao, I would consider this show a success. Now if they indeed got/get confirmation from The Black Eyed Peas, Joey Kramer and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Lady Gaga and 50 Cent*.

The piece on City weekend is actually quite informative, not to mention extensive. It looks like they did their homework on the issue and asked the right questions. So, I officially take a nice serving of Humble Pie since the show will most likely happen*

gimme some please

* gotta have an asterisk on there! It might still get cancelled, it might get moved, it might vanish… whatcha gonna do about it? I try not to be too negative but i’ve been disappointed one time too many with foreign acts playing Beijing.

This show has the potential to be one of the most memorable musical events ever held in the world and that is not an understatement… Beijing can definitely pull it off but it needs to stay out of its own way

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  1. Dan Edwards says:

    Hi Beijingdaze,

    We actually did a post about the show and Jimmy Page’s involvement on January 7:


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