Beijing Quickslants: Live music and other cultural fun this end of week

My oh my… you can feel that Spring Festival is around the corner with the live action slowly slowing down at least during weeknights and most of the fun concentrated on Fridays and Saturdays.

Can’t stay that there was anything of substance taking place this week and tonight is the first night that stuff is kinda happening.

rocking and rolling this saturday

Thursday Jan 21:

New Beijing: Reinventing a City @ The Bookworm: This movie/documentary turns the spotlight on the struggles and stories of the people developing the Old City of Beijing and those trying to save it. It’s an initiative of the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center( More here)

Zhao Zhao @ jianghu Jiuba: No idea what to expect out of this show but the whole “multi-instrumentalist” angle always gets me going. It also helps that it’s thursday, nothing better happening and it’s free. Could be in for a treat!

Friday Jan 22:

The Redbucks @ Jianjin Jiuba: My favorite banjo slugging, moonshine touting, boot stomping fun loving band plays Jiangjin jiu ba in Gulou. Great excuse to get out of chaoyang, try some good eats in the hutons, listen to bluegrass and eventually get some Rums at Salud.

Jess Meider @ 2 Kolegas: Fresh from her US tour, Beijing’s folk queen is putting on a show in liangmahe. As I mentioned before, she has got to be the hardest working woman in Beijing’s music scene with regular shows and new material. definitely worth a trip.

Saturday Jan 23: Damn things heat up!

We have 2 great gigs to look forward to as well as a good gig taking place so there is NO excuse not to get your freak on with some live music goodness this saturday.

Ziyo & Friends @ 2 Kolegas: Ok, my vox crush on Helen Feng is quite well documented at this point but regardless, Ziyo, who might or might not be changing their name to “free the birds” are one hell of a live act. The Dama Llamas, Amazing Insurance Salesmen, Wu and the Side Effects as well as Sambasia open… How about that folks? 5 for the price of 1! Expect this party to rowdy on till the wee hours of the morning.

Brain Failure @ Yugong Yishan: The punk rock elite of Beijing shows up away from their usual hunting grounds. Support by The Face and Steely Heart. This is the punk equivalent of royalty in Beijing and they know how to put on a live show. Expect lots of leather, spikes and what not.