Music Tidbits to tie you up through the break

I posted this yesterday but the server trolls decided they were hungry and just swallowed it whole, so here comes it again!

Chinese New Year celebrations did put a damper on live shows in the capital so one’s gotta find a different way of getting their music fix. In my case, I use Douban to catch up on what my favorite bands in Beijing are up to and sometimes, it quite surprising what you find out in there:

Atom packs a punch y'all

Hedgehog: in or out?

Not really sure what’s going on with one of my favorite indie bands! At first, they supposedly broke up with the when their bass player left and the remaining 2 formed “B Side Lovers”. I was surprised to see that on their douban page, a couple of new demos showed up and the band seems still on. so far, 4 new songs have showed up and i like them all… so i guess i’ll stay tuned.

The SUBS: a whole lotta rocking coming up

My favorite screacher and her bunch of compadres are busy with a new record as evidenced by pictures from their recording sessions here and a couple of posts on the band’s official blog by Kang Mao (I think). Forthcoming album is maybe called “The Human Voice” as far as my limited mandarin lets me understand. Looking at those pictures, I realize how sexy Kang Mao is in Jeans and leather. Her stage outfits just do not do her justice.

RandomK(e): someone oughta tape this

this is what i got in my mailbox:

RandomK(e) will celebrate its fifth year of existence with an event infused with randomness, art, more randomness, and of course the music of the K(e). Save the date: Saturday, 27 March, 2010 at 2 Kolegas. We’ve got quite a few ideas up our sleeves for this show, so you won’t want to miss it. Look for the K(e) to premiere new music and generally assault your frontal lobe from all directions. More details here.

Maggie Who ready to be unleashed

Color me curious. Tweetland is buzzing about these kids recording session for their upcoming record and word on the street is that they will be taking a break from the studio to play a live show at Mao on the 24th of February. for those that don’t know who they are, this little group of expat kids won battle of the bads a few years back and rocked the house as the opening act for the Dirty Deeds reunion show last september. These cats walked and acted like rock stars on stage at Yugong Yishan to a packed house! I’m looking forward to see what they’re coming up with

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