Chocolate Heaven: Chocojing Making own truffles at The Fig Tree

A few weeks ago, our little Chocojing ( Beijing Chocolate Appreciation Society) took us to the newly opened The Fig Tree ( Pastry School, bakery & cafe) for a nice evening of bake n shake where we got to mingle with fellow chocolate lovers and learn how to make truffles from scratch, courtesy of head chef Lin Zhong.

Chocojing, brainchild of our good friend, the one and only Elyse Ribbons is one of those great little initiatives that make Beijing so special. It unites all these people with a love for all things chocolate for a few hours of deliciousness and exchange, the kind of networking where business cards are NOT welcome.

In this particular case, at The fig Tree, Chef Lin Zhong with the assistance of her lovely daughter quickly took control of the evening putting the 20 odd participants at their stations and getting them to start chopping some good old chocolate for the truffles.

I got a knife... fear me!!

essential components

She took us through the steps needed and kept walking around the room making sure that the chocolate was finely chopped , the heavy cream was mixed in slowly, the whipping was done swiftly and the whole thing was done properly.

Chocojingers hard at work

working it..... oh yeah!!!

finger and palm licking good...

In the space of 2 hours, we all went from truffle eaters to truffle experts, trying to help each other with rolling techniques and analyzing why our results ended up different under the careful guidance of Lin and her daughter Leila who is dynamite in her own right! Once we were done with our truffles, we packed them in to take home.. an appropriate bounty for our hard/fun labor!

chocojingers hard at work!!

Now that is what i call a good bounty...

If You’re interested in pastries, cakes and what not, you could do a lot worse that checking out the fig tree and their ever expanding offering of classes! I just saw on their website that they are now offering a DIY brunch option which sounds pretty darn interesting!

Chef Lin and a fellow chocojinger

The Fig Tree
hone: (+86)139-1056-6742 Email:
北京市朝阳区朝外大街乙6号朝外SOHO A座 7F 702室
Chaowai SOHO, Bldg. A Unit 702, #6B Chaowai Dajie Chaoyang District, Beijing

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