Helen Feng & Shou Wang Slam Strawberry: Artists view on the festivals

If you thought that the festival goers were the only ones pissed off at modern sky’s strawberry, think again! Shou Wang, of Carsick Cars, came out on the band’s douban telling their own side of the story:http://www.douban.com/note/69778673/

Roughly translated, the staff behind the festival refused to serve him water mentioning that it was only for VIPs which the bands were not ( 乐队的不是vip!). He also goes on to explain how the bands were treated like little children with respect to the cars on stage and completely disrespected by the organizers.
Ouch! This is the same band that just came back from Austin where they were treated like royalty! here, they can’t get a water!

Ubercrush Helen Feng, according to CMR, posted this to her facebook:

After I hurt my leg, the organizer couldn’t provide transport for me back to the road out. I had to catch another artists car as a ride to the road where I hailed a black cab to get to the hospital but luckily a fan offered me a ride. I ended up depending on the generosity of a fan to get to the Hospital and not the organizers. That wouldn’t happen at any other festival in the world.

see full post here along with her impression of the 3 major festivals:

’nuff said on Strawberry and Modern SKy! I was completely over them until i saw those two little gems that i had to relay

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