Beijing Live Quickslants: Vital Times, Capoeira, Hot Lists and the mother of all anniversary parties

This is gonna be a good week for music folks..amongst other things of course! A couple of good bands playing around town and some pretty darn good gigs of varied nature! So, what we looking at?

Wednesday May 26:

Vital Times @Jianghu: Michael Dalin’s baby is ready to launch! They’ve kept it under wraps for a long time and he’s managed to gather some of Beijing’s better musicians to play with him. This will be the only gig this summer so be there or be square! and stay tuned for some Vital Times goodies coming up tomorrow 🙂

Thursday May 27:

Capoeira @ rock studios: no show of consequence so why not get out there and give the old body a workout to some Samba. starts at 7:30 pm in 3.3 (4th floor)

Friday May 28:

We’re getting serious here with pretty darn good shows all over town.. I mean we’re talking about no-can-miss folks! I’m planning to start off the evening at yugong Yishan and head down to 2 Kolegas for the party.

2 Kolegas Anniversary 1: The party is gonna be for the ages! The festivities start on Friday with Skarving, Buyi, reTROS and Black Cat Bone. You know this one is gonna rock and go on till the wee hours of the morning so bring your stamina, backup liver and be counted!

Hot List @ Yugong Yishan: One hell of a lineup for this Zippo Sponsored event with Brain Failure, The Subs and other rocking acts to honor the Zippo brand name. definitely one of the better lineups we’ve seen in a long long time

Saturday May 29th:

2 Kolegas Anniversary 2: Nucleus, Wu & The Side Effect, Free The Birds, DH & The Hellcats…. no comments needed folks, you know where you oughta be as this is again one of the best lineups that Beijing can offers.