Dita Von Teese ready to sex things up at China Doll

ok, I’m not even in Beijing and I heard about this one folks.. The one and only Dita Von Teese ( yeah, she dated Marilyn Manson but we won’t hold that against her) will be the main act at the reopening of ChinaDoll!
If you don’t know who Dita is, you have been missing out! I was fortunate enough to catch one her burlesque shows a few years ago and let me tell ya folks, she’s something else alright!
I just hope the new China Doll has the fire brigade ready to go because she’s insanely hot and the heat levels will go up quite a bit

More details over here at The Beijinger

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  1. Lulu Welton says:

    Ahhh I miss it. But was it really true? She really did come to perform in da China Doll?