Quickslants: Yugong Yishan lights up, Wudaokou gets stoned and Jean-Sébastien has something for everyone.

The World Cup still holds it’s grip over Beijing nightlife this weekend with vuvuzela being the instrument de jour. It’s relatively quiet on the music front, but Saturday has some gigs not to be missed.

Thursday June 24

Zhang Si’an @ Jianghu
One of the city’s busiest musicians Jean-Sébastien gave us some free music a couple of weeks back. Come see his guitar, zhongran and drum based folk fill the intimate backroom at Jianghu. (He’ll also be wearing his rock hat on Friday performing with The Amazing Insurance Salesmen @ What Bar)

Friday June 25

The Fever Machine @ D22
Ready for some stoner rock? These Shanghai boys make their way to the ‘Jing for the first time, to hang out in the Wu with locals B-side Lovers, The Molds and Guaili.

Saturday June 26

Xiao He @ Jianghu
Always a source of debate between BD and myself! Experimental folk, electro mixes from this musical genius. Warning: the laptop will be present!

DH & The Hellcats @ 2 Kolegas
Local favorites darling DH and her band have the best costumes, what will they be wearing this time? Toe tapping swing to make you dance the night away.

Zippo Hot List @ Yugong Yishan
The second in this series of gigs brings us Wuhan boys AV Akubo (one of the standouts from the disaster that was Strawberry Day 1!), World Battle of the Band winners Rustic, 24 hours and Mr Graceless. (BD note: This should be one hell of a show)

And don’t forget next Tuesday The Redbucks are having a BBQ and bluegrass night at 2 Kolegas to kick off their China tour. We’re not going to see these guys in the ‘Jing for awhile, so come chill out on the lawn, listen to some great music and eat some good ol’ smoked pig!


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2 Responses

  1. Pete says:

    AV Okubo are great, but their drummer is a female, 谭超, of SMZB. 24 Hours will also perform.

  2. Pete says:

    Derp. Just noticed you included 24 Hours. But check ’em out if you haven’t already done so!