Festivals Galore: Max Star Powers Ditan and Prayers for Tanglewood.

If I read somewhere else that “2010 is the year of festivals in China”, I just might puke. Yes, there are a lot of Festivals being organized but it is soo freaking chaotic, incestuous, repetitive and random that I’m not sure this is good for the industry at this point. Anyways, 2 more on their way in and around Beijing: Star Max in Ditan park which is a week long event and Tanglewood out around the wall.

Max Star in Ditan Park:

This one I’m actually excited about. It’s a week long endeavor (August 16-August 22) with a decent lineup most weekdays and a great lineup on Friday/Sat/Sun. Tickets are reasonably priced and the show is in Ditan park which is quite convenient with Subway access, restaurants nearby and after party spots galore. Check the listings here for a complete schedule ( google translate does a great job).
As I mentioned above, The last 3 days boast a great lineup with the likes of XTX, Yaksa, Tang Dynasty, SUBS, Brain Failure etc… should be one hell of a party in the usually mellow Ditan confines.
One day entrance tickets between August 16-19th cost 40 RMB at the door, 30 RMB in advance and 20 RMB for students. Tickets from August 20-22nd cost 80 RMB at the door, 60 RMB in advance and 30 RMB for students. Seven day tickets cost 200 RMB at the door, 180 RMB in advance and 150 RMB for students.

Pre-sale tickets are available from July 26th to August 14th and can be bought online:
Ticket hotline: 010 6406 8888, 400 818 3333

Tanglewood by the wall:

This is the hipster crowd festival by excellence! Modern Sky is at it again bringing in their usual big guns to perform! The lineup is typical Modern Sky and the location out by the Great Wall. I’m not gonna spend much time writing about this one as I have no faith or whatsoever in Modern Sky’s ability to organize anything based on my experience at Strawberry Festival earlier this year. Tongzhou was bad enough but i’d have to be stupid to rely on them to handle the logistics out by the mountains…. to quote Great White: “Once bitten, Twice Shy
That said, I wish them the best and really hope for a good turnout and a successful festival…

More information on Tanglewood over at their website:

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