Beijing Weekend Quickslants: more Bucks, bookswap, Great Battles, Kick Ass and more!

A bit of a delayed quickslants this week along with sporadic posting but yours truly was supposed to head out of town and things got complicated. Expect a couple of posts on last weeekend’s Redbucks show soon as well as a trip to the shaanxi provincial restaurant. In the meantime, here is some of what’s happening and good this end of the week:

Wednesday September 8:

Xiao He & The Belgians at Jianghu:
Ok.. not sure about this but it seems like the only option available in town today. Xiao He might or might not turn out as was the case a few days ago at 2 Kolegas. The Belgians will be there and I’m just curious as to what kind of music it’s gonna end up being. could be fun! If it’s not, there’s always the option to run off to Salud.

Thursday September 9:

it just seems curiously devoid of listings or anything good for this thursday.. there’s bound to be a houseband somewhere doing something if you really care. Capoeira from 7:30 to 9:30 at gongti is always a great option to get this rolling.

Friday September 10:

Now, this get a bit complicated here with quite a few good things happening around the same time.

GBoB at 2 Kolegas:
Global battle of the bands heat 1 is set for 2 kolegas. Come out and catch a few Beijing bands duking it out and trying to replicate Rustic’s success on the international scene. There might be a few gems on there. Starts at 8:00 p.m apparently but it’s 2 Kolegas we’re talking about…. amongst the participants will be Kick Ass (pictured above) with the straight haired Chinese Slash ( aka Mess).

Vital Time @ Jianghu:
Dalin is back and the shows are back on. This is only the second ever performance by the band and they should be on fire. Their first and only show was also at jianghu with Michael having a few throat issues but still rocking it out. I like their melodies and the band is tight…. They’re even popping up in some playlists around Beijing, notable 12 sqm on nanluoguxiang where “cream of the crop” is part of the regular rotation.

Saturday September 11:

Bookswap & Boardgames @ Sequoia ( Kerry Center):
The monthly bookswap and boardgames meets has moved. It’s not taking place at the Kerry center branch of Sequoia starting at 2:00 pm. This month is 2 for 1 to clear up all the books accumulated over the summer…so come on over, trade books and hangout for a little while! This should be a nice mellow afternoon.

The Redbucks at VA:
what can i say? Final, yes FINAL, performance of the redbucks with Daisy Sweetgrass on board. This one is gonna be a bittersweet affair. Note that Daisy’s guitar will be up for auction at the end of the gig, autographed and all… One last chance to catch that smile and hear that sweet voice for now! and if last week’s show was anything to go by, this son of a gun will be packed packed…

Descendants’ Album Launch @ Mao w/ ChunQiu: This is one hell of a headbanging bill folks with Descendant releasing their album, Spring n Autumn is support as well as gangzi with mongolian flavored folk/metal. A nice little appetite wetter for later.

Generation 6 @ Yugong Yishan:
Rockers from Maybe Mars representing the youngest guns are put together on the same bill by timeout china who are getting more and more into the music business. Rustic, Lazy Camels, Birdstriking amongst others…. these kids are now for all practical purposes the figureheads for their generation ( a point that can be argued)… Still, definitely a decent bill in terms of acts and talent. depending on how much time is allocated per band, this might go on for a while.

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2 Responses

  1. Froog says:

    Vital Times is on the playlist at 12 SqM for comedy value, BD.

    The game is to improvise as many naff –op rhymes as you can (“Take it to the top/Never gonna stop/Shoo-be-do-wop/Yeah, I will bop till I drop”, etc.). You score a point if you can think of one that isn’t actually in that song.

    Michael may have his talents, but I wouldn’t say songwriting was amongst them.

  2. Phil Schloss says:

    Saw Kick Ass last night at D-22 for the open mic night. COuld totally see them opening for Maggie Who one day. Reminds me of a dive bar Velvet Revolver!