Carsick Cars Split.. it’ll be fine!

Much like Beijing gig guide, I received this little message from Carsick Cars last night, not too long after they finished opening for The Raveonettes at Yugong Yishan:

我们做出了一个重要的决定:由于音乐兴趣的差异和成员各自的发展计划,贝斯手李维思和鼓手李青选择退出乐队;张守望将和新的成员一起,继续Carsick Cars的创作。11月16日的演出也会是carsick cars原始成员的最后一次演出。
在未来,李青与李维思会将音乐重心更多的放在Snapline与Soviet Pop上;而在Carsick Cars之外,守望同时也在进行着White+等音乐实验。而在将来我们三个也很有可能再合作一个更自由的音乐项目。

In a nutshell, the band as we know it is done! Li Qing and Li Weisi will focus on snapline and Soviet Pop while Shou Wang himself focuses on White+ and looks for new members to continue the Carsick Cars brand later.

I’ve gone on the record as not being a fan of the music but supportive of their endeavors. Their overseas tours and their participation in various music festivals were great PR for Beijing and the Chinese music scene in general and they’re a fairly high profile band at this point.
That said, it’s not a new phenomenon and splits are very common in this scene: one quick look at the Rock in China wiki will show that most bands, even after “making it” went through multiple member changes and that’s just the norm here. New Guitar players, new drummers and new bassists come around more often than not and it’s not really a big deal: Look at Hang on the Box, Brain Failure, PK 14 etc… they’ve all lost plenty of members and are still enjoying similar success.
Still, for their fans, I hope that they can keep it up in some way or another… a Carsick Cars gig is usually an almost guaranteed 300 ticket draw in Beijing. The cynic in me says the brand will live on.

I still stick to my guns and maintain that the band was overrated and that pressure to keep up with expectations might have caused them to run out of gas.
I do wonder about the ramifications for Maybe Mars as a record company and D-22... I’m have absolutely no rights to slag them but there have been too many grumblings coming out of that side of town with a lot of resident bands switching allegiances to the Gulou area.

to be continued..

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3 Responses

  1. Josh Feola says:

    i’m not sure what’s going through the band members’ minds but i think this is a good and natural thing. for anyone who’s seen Soviet Pop over the last year it’s pretty obvious that this is where Li Qing and Li Weisi’s passion lies right now, where they’re channeling their creativity and developing new music. same goes for shouwang and White+/his increasingly eclectic solo work. i don’t think the carsick cars “brand” is dead, and more to the point, i think the band realizes it’s a brand and they’re moving on. love them or hate them, they’ve influenced so many younger acts that their mark on the scene is indelible.

    as far as ramifications for Maybe Mars/D-22, i don’t think this is an issue. all of the Cars side projects perform frequently (some of them almost exclusively) at D-22’s Zoomin’ Night and Shouwang has a song on the Zoomin’ compilation cd coming out on “Maybe Noise”. whatever precipitated this decision, all of the band members are still focused on creating new music in Beijing so there’s no real loss here.

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for the comments! As you mentioned, love them or hate them, these kids have had a lot of influence! However, it seems clear that they have other interests at the moment and they oughta pursue them. Good on them for taking the plunge.

    I’m not gonna address the Maybe Mars/D22 thing for now… I’m not in a position to comment on it at the moment.

  3. why make the orginal comment about MM/D-22 if you’re not in a position to? it’s made me curious as i work with the label so i’d like to know what other people are saying!