Flash News: Beijing’s Amazing Insurance Salesmen wins Global Battle of the Bands China 2010!

Pics courtesy of Ng Ka Wing’s Facebook Page

I’ve spent the last few hours anxious about the results for GBoB China which took place sunday night in Hong Kong hoping that Beijing’s own AIS would have a good showing… and did they ever!!
On my way home from a grunge show at 2 Kolegas, this little gem popped up on twitter:

I immediately called Ruby to inform her and I’m sure there’s one more taxi driver in Beijing convinced that all laowais are crazy judging by her screaming over the phone.

I managed to get a hold of Chris B, GBoB organizer, who shared a few details about the competition and how it all went down. Here are some of her comments:

* it was really close, in fact more than close! They played a really good set though.
* No one knew them here and they got the crowd cheering!
* yeah Shenzhen were good, but they were actually TIED with HK band! a TIE for first place!
* However if I’m not biased AIS played the best
* Honestly they didn’t impress me at BJ final BUT tonight even at soundcheck I thought “WOW”

I managed to get a hold of the guys who were still standing outside of Sticky Finger, the HK venue where the final took place. Maikel sounded flabbergasted and surprised at the win, so did Jean Sebastian..

The final also included a performance by GBoB Champions RUSTIC who were on hands to pass the torch:

Even yesterday, there was doubt as to wether they would win or not with some people convinced that a band with foreigners in it could never win a Chinese battle of the bands… I guess times have changed and this is the proof!
Congratulations to the boys for a well deserved win and for holding the torch high! Beijing wins the GBoB China for the second year in a row and yours truly has a great reason to go to Malaysia next year! look for more news/photos of the final as well as an interview with all the guys during the week!

For those about to rock, we salute you!!!

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7 Responses

  1. I see informations travel fast !

    See you in Beijing !


  2. Froog says:

    Great news, JS. Well done!

  3. Jaime Welton says:

    Congrats JS!! Keep kickin ass!

  4. Ruby says:


  5. Hell yeah JS! Well done! Beijing Music!!!

  6. Mess says:

    Good job salesmen