Beijing Mini Slants: Ma Tiao, Xiao He, Ember et co sing for Beijing

On account of a bad cold, I’m keeping these minislants shorts.

Friday‘s really cool show is Ma Tiao’s album launch at the Star Live. With Wang Xiaoli, Shanren amongst others, this is gonna be a cool party of people that appreciate music. For those that care, there are rumors of a carsickcars new lineup appearance at the Old What bar and let’s not forget Nanwu at Mao Livehouse.

Saturday is a mixed bag with Ningxia Night at 2 Kolegas ( taking bets on Buyi showing up) or Xiao He at Jianghu which might end be too packed. As usual with Xiao He, if he brings out the laptop, run for the exits… there is nothing but pain and suffering in that. The lovely Ember Swift is back form her overseas experiences and is gonna be rocking jiangjin jiuba.

Keep an eye out next week on wednesday for Miserable Faith making an appearance at Jianghu Jiuba Jianjin JiuBa ( Thanks Alex for the correction) for an unplugged set. This one is a bit hard to believe but hey, you’ve been warned! it will be jampacked.