Folk Rescue with Xiao He, Zhou Yunpeng etc..: Help Tong Yan Beat Lukemia @ Yugong Yishan

I got this in my mailbox last night from the good folks at Yugong Yishan and I just have to pass it on! Please come out and help!!!
If not for Tong Yao, come out and support the Who’s Who of folk artists in China as some of the heavy hitters are coming out!

Performances by: Xiao He, Wan Xiaoli, Li Zhi, Zhang Weiwei and Guo Long, Zhou Yunpeng, Xiongxiong Zuoye

Among the creative forces behind the film “Dao Ma Dan” and well known among the folk music community, Tong Yan has played a motivating role in forwarding folk music both as organizer and as artist. This folk rescue mission will help defray the costs of chemotherapy treatments and provide her with some warmth and support during these tough times. We wish her strength and a speedy recovery.






I’m not comfortable posting bank account in formation on the blog but if you can’t attend and would like to support Tong Yan, please see Yugong Yishan’s website for relevant bank account number.民谣救护车/

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  1. December 22, 2010

    […] I first got the invite for this past sunday’s support show for Tong Yan, I wasn’t quite sure about the event or the turnout. It seemed all last minute and on a […]