Folk Rescue: Show at Yugong Yishan Raises RMB75,000 for Tong Yan with Xiao He & Co.

When I first got the invite for this past sunday’s support show for Tong Yan, I wasn’t quite sure about the event or the turnout. It seemed all last minute and on a sunday night but judging by the names of artists that came up there to show their support, I figured it would definitely be worth checking out… and boy was it ever!

I made it to Yugong Yishan a little past nine with a visiting buddy from down south. We were pretty much the only foreigners there, period! By the time we got there, the place was comfortably full with the stage area taken over by seated fans and a good 200 persons or more standing in the back of the room. The stage itself was decked out in organic way but with a few white coats and IV drips for good measure. Quite a turnout considering the hefty price tag of RMB100 pp and it speaks loads about the community coming together, much like it did a few months back at Mako Livehouse for the Earthquake Support show.

We caught a good 20 minutes of Wan Xiao Li 万晓利 who was quite good but the performance of the night easily goes Xiao He 小河. I’ve often bitched out the Hebei native and how he drives me bonkers with some of his performance arts. That said, he has undeniable talent, almost genius, especially when he leaves his laptop behind. He did that on Sunday and it was amazing, inspiring and breathtaking. He was a full blown one-man-band that just took the audience on a musical journey.
He was also quite eloquent in his speech thanking folks for coming and reminding us all of our mortality. His duet later with Zhou Yunpeng was another highlight of the evening.

Big ups to the musicians and yugong yishan for pulling off the kind of event they did and huge ups to the audience for showing up and supporting this endeavor. If you go on their douban, you’ll see tons of scans from people who wired money for the cause. Xiao He even mentioned how many people just came and both 10+ tickets without even going in, just trying to help. Moments like these are far and in between in a city like Beijing, especially at concerts. There’s always some sort of bitching or bickering, but not on sunday night!
Everyone was united together, taking in the music and being extremely respectful of the musicians and each other! Moments like these are glimmers of hope, genuine displays solidarity, showing that there is still some good out there… Moments like these, I think i can there is still hope for mankind

The Tally in the end was a grand total of 75110 RMB with a dozen more shows planned in cities all over China!


当日明细:门票619张 /佟妍专辑144张 /现场捐款6010元。 共计:75110元。

For those about to Folk, we salute you!

pictures from event’s Page on Douban:

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  1. Ruby says:

    Um, did I just read Beijingdaze describe Xiao He as “amazing, inspiring and breathtaking” ?? But what will we have to argue about now that you agree with me?!