2010 MIDI Awards Results: The Best of Chinese Rock or Something Like it

I’ve been browsing around trying to find a list of the winners from last night’s MIDI awards and it has finally popped up on Xie Tian Xiao’s Douban. He was one of the big winners of the night taking in 2 awards just like last year..

And your award winners are:

Album of the Year: Explain You (释你) by 反光镜 Reflector
Song of the Year: “Bloom” (盛开) by 痛仰 Miserable Faith
Best Rock Performance By a Band: 痛仰 Miserable Faith
Best Male Rock Vocal Performance: 谢天笑 Xie Tian Xiao
Best Female Rock Vocal Performance: Fu Han 付菡 of Queen Sea Big Shark
Best Hard Rock Performance: 扭曲的机器 Twisted Machine
Best Metal Performance: 夜叉 Yaksa
Best Rock Instrumental Performance: Xie Si 歇斯 (guitar)
Best Live Performance: 谢天笑 Xie Tian Xiao
Best New Artist: 南无Nanwu
Best Album Art: “Go East” by New Pants
Biggest contribution to Chinese Rock: 迷笛音乐学校 Midi School

uhm… Interesting results to say the least! I can’t really argue much except in the female vocals category and new artist. With all due respect to Fu Han, her voice is not that good and while the band rocked strawberry this year, it was not a great showing from a singing perspective. Guai Li’s Wen Jun deserved a mention, so did Zhang Chen of 24 Hours.
As far as new artist goes, there’s nothing wrong with Nanwu winning but I would have liked to see The Amazing Insurance Salesmen along with Guai Li nominated at least.
I’m surprised that Omnipotent Youth Society didn’t get anything, I thought they definitely get some love from the judges.

Miserable Faith is amazing, no questions! but Bloom does not deserve accolades as best song. It’s far from their best effort! That said, they deserve the win for best band..hands down! I’m not down with MIDI giving themselves an award though. There’s something substantially wrong about that but oh well, TIFC.

Still, much better set of winners than last year and much more diverse! congrats to all the winners. I wish i was able to attend because judging by the pictures on MIDI’s douban, it was one hell of a party

post edit: Looks like The Beijinger’s Michelle Dai was there and has first hand report on their blog. I didn’t know Free The Birds was gonna perform there! Cool beans

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9 Responses

  1. Chery says:

    This award really says a lot.

    First of all, none of the non-Midi or -Modern Sky bands were nominated.

    Second, none of the non-Beijing bands was nominated. This explains why Wan Qing is not on the list (Society? I thought it was Hostel)


    p.s. We went to 2kolegas’s new years eve party and I heard all the synth / lap-top music I need for 2011.

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    Thanks for the comments Chery. I have to disagree on some points:

    Nanwu is not a modern sky/ midi band. Neither is Omnipotent Youth Society. Reflector is on Pilot records…. so it’s not as bad as last year when almost only MIDI bands were nominated/won.

    I’m not sure what’s up with Maybe Mars bands though… that’s a whole other story

    Judging by the changes in landscape, I would say a band with foreigners in it might be at least nominated sooner than later…. maybe even next year i hope.
    A lot of people said The Amazing Insurance Salesmen would never win GBoB China because they had foreigners in the band, yet they did it… politics are changing.

    I heard 2K on friday was not that good… Saturday show was amazing though! almost no keyboards, just good in your face rock n roll… wait for the review to come up.

    and Happy New Year

    • Chery says:

      Yes, Nanwu is still an “Indie” student band. I didn’t know what lable Reflector was signed to. But most of the awards still went to those inside the click. And I have the same attitude with you towards them giving themselves a big award… C`mon…

      GBOB is supposed to be “global”. Of course if this year’s judges were all Chinese, then AIS may not have won. Just guessing. Tee hee.

      Happy new year and see ya tonight @ 2K

  3. Jaime Welton says:

    Big farts for people “writhing” over their keyboards or laptops for that matter, playing with one finger and acting like it’s taking all their soul to do so……Yaaaaawwwwnnn! Not sexy and actually really freakin retarded. One of the earlier bands at Kolegas (3 pc) was pretty good though ……the rest?….mmmmm……yeah hmmm…Keep foolin em I guess…..

    I must go see Miserable Faith though….you have been saying alot about them lately and I keep missing em.

    Long live those who actually rock and not just pose….

  4. Beijing Daze says:

    3 piece on Friday? the reTROS?

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