’tis festival season in Beijing: 2011 MIDI, Strawberry, Jue and Ephemeral festivals

Really? it’s that time of the year again? Hell yeah!!!

Looks like all the pieces are falling in place for a culturally exciting couple of months in Beijing. First, we have the Capital M and the Bookworm literary festivals (good writeup on The Beijinger here)that will keep us busy over the next few weeks. I’m especially psyched by Wednesday March 2 session about food writing. and while literature is fine and dandy, we’re all about rock n roll at ‘daze inc.

Jue Festival: http://www.juefestival.com/
This one is really all over the spectrum with music/arts/poetry and more combined into a cultural celebration. They’ve got a few cool concerts scheduled at the place previously known as Starlive and even D22. The 24 Hours, Me guan Me gig on MArch 18 is worth going to haidian for.

Ephemeral Festival: http://www.fuyoufestival.com/
Talk about coming out of nowhere. I’m really excited about the prospects of this one. I’m not sure who’s organizing nor do I care, the names and locations are just perfect. It’s scheduled for 5 nights early April with a slew of good acts, notably Xiao He, Mamer, Wu Fei, Li Tieqiao just to name a few.

MIDI & Strawberry 2011
Beijing’s traditional festivals running from April 30 to May 2 2011 this year. MIDI has started the announcements already by bringing in 80s escapees, Mr. Big. I think by now, every one knows what to expect out of these two giants. MIDI will have the heavy rock emphasis, Strawberry will be the indie electro darling.

man.. by the looks of things, I’m gonna be spending a lot of moolah on shows over the next few weeks.. might have to get a bit picky on where to go/who to watch…

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2 Responses

  1. Yang says:

    Hey buddy, I will try to keep track on this years festivals all over China.

    I will gather all found Chinese information on my Douban Site, later move them all into an English page on RiC.


    BTW, the rather unknown Beijing Pinggu Music Festival might be this May’s runner with Bands such as Avril Lavigne, Little Boots, Lady Tron, KT Tunstall, Hot Hot Heat and a lot more. The organizer is Ge Hua Live Nation, the little giant behind Kylie Minoque, Eagles, Dylan China-shows.

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