Pick with the stars: roots & Bluegrass music gathering for players and fans

Just because The Redbucks as we knew them are no more, it doesn’t mean they haven’t left us a legacy. And judging by the turnout at 2 Kolegas for the Quebec Redneck Project, there are quite a few fans in Beijing. Here is your chance to do more and get playing thanks to Chris who is organizing this little gathering.
Things kick off tonight with two old-time tunes ready for tonight: Cotten Eyed Joe and Old Joe Clark. Two simple tunes with easy progressions in the key of A, so don’t forget your capo!

I know that there are plenty of you out there that are looking for an excuse to pull down that mandolin or guitar from storage and start pickin’ again. So, starting next week, there will be a bimonthly jam just for us acoustic folk!

Since everyone is at different levels and have different goals for jams/music, for the beginning, the jams will be organized as follows:

2nd Tuesday of every month – Beginner’s Old-time Jam – 8pm to 10pm
The beginner’s old-time jam is for folks new to their instruments and looking for a safe learning environment. Whether you are learning your first acoustic instrument or your tenth, this is where you can get comfortable playing it with others. We’ll focus on basic two and three chord old-time songs.

4th Tuesday of every month – Bluegrass Jam 8pm – 10pm
This jam night will start with bluegrass in mind. Players of all levels are welcome to attend.

Open Acoustic Jam
After each organized jam, there will be an open acoustic jam from 10pm until late. This is for all skill levels, genres, shapes and sizes.

We will start by jamming at a bar called Zuiyuefang in the Drumtower area

Zuìyuèfāng bar (醉乐坊酒吧)
It’s on the southside of north second ring. Walk east about 100 meters from the beiluoguxiang-north second ring crossing (beiluoguxiang is the northern extension of nanluoguxiang). It’s roughly right in the middle of the andingmen and gulou subway stops.

As fate would have it, we are starting in a month with five Tuesdays. So this month we will consider Tuesday the 15th as the second Tuesday and the 29th as the 4th Tuesday.

This should be a cool opportunity for those who want to lear more about that type of music… yeeehaw