Quickslants: Earthquake Benefit, Metal Extravaganza, Irish tunes, Return of Ningxia and Capoeira

Holly shit is this week rich in amazing cultural initiatives all over Beijing…. Usually, it bad enough having to pick between shows but this time around, you got so much more. you want music? you got it! You want sports? You got it! You want literature? You got it….. Let’s get things started

Thursday March 17:

Blackwater @ Salud:
In honor of St. Paddy, Beijing’s only original Irish folk outfit, Blackwater, will deliver some good old stomping tunes that can be washed down with Jameson’s or Salud’s own blend of house rums. fun times guaranteed.

Campus Rock @ Mao Live:
Residence A, Gray and Mr. Freeman, 3 of the better more promising new bands in Beijing share the entertainment duties at Mao Live. These cats are cool with Residence A being pretty darn fun, talented and extremely high octane. Could be loads of fun!

Friday March 18:

Things get a bit difficult starting Friday and it don’t get any better

Earthquake Benefit @ 13 club:
I really oughta go there but i won’t be able to make it unfortunately. Nanwu, Joker and more have set up this impromptu benefit concert to raise money/awareness about the earthquake in Japan. This is the sentimental favorite for the night. if you can’t attend, at least get a ticket for support.

Shanren @ Tango(starlive):
One of the more entertaining and melodic ethnic bands to come out of China. Jue has got them headlining friday night at the place previously-known-as-starlive. These cats can put on a show and you just can’t go wrong watching them/listening to them. a fun fun fun fun fun night in perspective for those that make it there. Mountain Folk comes to Beijing.

Lao Liu & Sand @ Jianghu:
Old school blues veteran that reminds me a lot of Lou Reed in his singing style. Not many people in China do what he does and even fewer do it well. He’s got soul and heart.

Saturday March 19:

330 Metal Festival @ Tango:
10th year anniversary of this metal tradition in Beijing. All bands/guns are out with Suffocate, Face, ChunQiu, Multi Ego and tons more. They decided to get out of 13CLUB for the occasion and come closer to the masses/let more people in which is not a bad idea. Note: it starts at 3:30 PM Metal Galore papi…. get them horns out!

The Fate of the Hutong @ Studio X:
In the face of China’s rapid modernization, the world’s most populous country is struggling to preserve its cultural heritage, and nowhere is this more visible than in the ancient alleyways and courtyards of Beijing. In a three-part series, filmmakers Jonah Kessel and Kit Gillet explore the vanishing world of Beijing’s hutongs, the realities of life within the narrow streets, and the future for these culturally-irreplaceable areas of China’s capital. go here for more details
cancelled.. wait for announcement!
Made in Ningxia @ 2Kolegas:
oh yeah baby… can you feel the warmer weather coming out and things waking up at the drive-in? Nucleus, Wu & The Side Effects as well as Buyi are set to descend on their home ground for a fun good time. I’m almost looking more forward to hanging out with the bands as i am listening to their music.

Special Mention:

My Capoeira group is on a roll folks! We have a fantastic guest visitor, Contra-Mestre Cipo, visiting us for 3 days to conduct a workshop and give us some guidance. Cipo is flying to Beijing especially for this and it should be a blast. Sessions will be Friday 7-10 pm, Saturday 11-4 and Sunday 11-4. If you’ve ever been interested in Capoeira, this is one hell of a good chance to learn more and meet the community. more details here

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