it’s baaaack!! 2011 Ditan Park Folk Festival

In the lead up to the may holiday, all the big guys are accounted for: Midi, Strawberry and even the new kid on the block, Music Valley, is making noise. I love festival season and look forward to spending a few days out chilling under the sun, eating chuanr and getting good music.
Still, as much as I respect MIDI, my favorite festival is by FAR the Ditan Park Folk Festival which is finally popping out of its shell on the map…. It’s set for the second weekend of May: May 7 and May 8 2011!

The cool thing about Ditan is its chilled peaceful nature! People are encouraged to come to the park, chill on the grass, picnic and just have one hell of a good time without worrying about security, moshpits (I do like them though) and it’s one of the few times every year when even my non-concert going friends will come out and partake in my favorite hobby.

The lineup this year is as eclectic and diverse as usual with Xiao He, Shan Ren, Blackwater, Zhang Si’an, Mademoiselle and more…. hell yeah!! mimosas under the sun, bread, cheese, olives, good friends and good times… This is life..or something like it

Check it out over on Douban:

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2 Responses

  1. Ruby says:

    Woohoo, and it’s my birthday weekend! Picnic in the park with friends listening to my fave bands … what better way to celebrate?

  1. April 19, 2011

    […] other news, Ditan Folk Festival is back for its third year and Beijing Daze gives it some mad love (better than we could having never been), while Midi Shanghai seems to be full speed ahead in […]