Music Tidbits: Rustic Cancellation, Residence A Record and Flying Tours

Rustic Heartbreak:

They must have had a premonition when they named the album: City of heartbreak and Horror!!
By now, most people already know that Rustic’s much anticipated album launch at Yugong Yishan last Friday didn’t happen. The official reason was “Technical problems”. That’s the venue’s story and they’re sticking to it! I’m not even gonna bother pretending or dissecting this one, suffice to say that whatever “the problem” was, it’s been fixed. The band did go ahead and post a really nice note on their douban that showcases how far they’ve grown as people and certain realities facing musicians in China.

北京专场 取消事件 2011-04-26 21:40:20
Rock n Roll loves the boys,the boys gonna face the troubles.
我们认为摇滚的魅力并不只是表现在舞台上,他更反映在舞台下,反映在乐队需要面对的一系列的挫折里,这更是一个好的开始,一个让Rustic乐队走的更远的开始。我们谢谢当天来到现场的每一个朋友们,那个为了看演出而无法去飞机场接自己心爱的女朋友的帅小伙,那些个从张家口做4个小时火车才能赶到北京西站我曾经的同学们,我们挚爱的那帮永远出现在我们现场的亲生兄弟们,以及那些关心我们甚至不熟悉的面孔们,谢谢你们,你们让乐队重新回到了电影里,重新认识了摇滚乐。6月份 2011年这个炎热的夏天 咱们在相逢!

The general feeling is that people want this one to pass…. so All I’m gonna say is “see you in June for the rescheduled date and rock on

Residence A LP

Remember Residence A? They were the band that got famously disqualified from the GBoB for using pre-recorded sounds and going overtime. Well, their Record is ready and their about to embark on a long ass tour of China. It was produced by the one and only Martin Rawlins who has previously done some great work on the Queen Sea Big Shark record and also been involved with Abigail Washburn, ChunQiu and tons of other big names. Not a bad person to get aboard.
I’m actually listening to it right now and liking what i’m hearing. I’m not sure it’s doing the band’s feral nature justice but it’s a first listen. The song Disco does stand out and need more screaming. Go give it a listen:

Flying Touring

The Flying Mantas are doing what I think more bands should do to promote themselves in the city: Tour Beijing! With almost 30 venues in town, you could play a different venue to a different crowd each and every night... I love the idea! It’s a joint tour with The Clamps throughout the capital stopping by D22, Hot Cat Club, Mao and 2 Kolegas. Way to cover the city boys!! it’s gonna be a decent dose of rockabilly 60s revival.

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