Beijing Pickers and Bluegrass Lovers: Michael Ismerio in town this week

Here at ‘daze quarters, we have a fondness for old school music and old time bluegrass. Since the demise of the Redbucks, that type of music has been sorely lacking but this week, we’re in it for a treat! I got this in today from Fiddle Amy, who you might remember from the above mentioned Redbucks:

Greetings Fellow ‘Jingers and Music Lovers!

We have two performances this week led by square dance caller and old time fiddler extrordinaire, Michael Ismerio. Yours truly and other pickers and choppers from the Redbucks and Random k(e) will join him on the stage.

Old Time Music, part 1
Wednesday, May 18 (as in, tomorrow!)
Jiang Hu Bar
30 RMB

Old Time Music, part 2
Friday, May 20
Jiangjinjiu Bar
30 RMB

sounds like a good time for those that like old time picking and maybe the right opportunity to discover the genre for those that never did.