D-22 Celebrates 5 years and Pangbianr documents it

I don’t spend much time off in wudaokou and i spend even less time at D-22 even though i was there twice in the last 30 days. That doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a good place or I don’t appreciate their work. Au Contraire! I believe the place does a great job fostering and incubating musical talent, just maybe not to my taste.

Anyways, I got to chat to most of the people in charge there recently and they’re good fellas, including Michael Pettis who has one hell of a good guanxi with the local musicians from what I’ve seen.

The good guys at PangBianr did a 20mn documentary celebrating 5 years of D-22 that I just came across recently:


You can also find the video on Youku:

Good stuff from Josh and his gang.

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