2 Kolegas turns 6: Keeping it Real in Beijing

I don’t think i have to expand too much on the fact that I really dig 2 Kolegas as a venue and a community. The places is chilled, crowd mostly down to earth, the owners and management some of the most fun people to hang out with in Beijing etc….

When Blake Stone-Banks penned his last column for City Weekend, one of the people he chose to mention was Liu Miao ( one half of the 2 Kolegas) for “Keeping rock real in Beijing”…. that’s a fitting tribute! I would say that Gao Feng deserves just as much credit as Liu Miao, so do the ever amicable Tofu and the wonderful Mushroom.

It’s also about all the musicians that call 2 Kolegas home. Xie Tian Xiao, Buyi, Free the Birds, SUBS, Nucleus, Skarving, lidong, DH & The Hellcats, Hanggai, Black Cat Bone, Bad Mamasan and more.. all these guys that hang out there and have fun, jam after hours and keep the spirit alive.

It’s not about glamor and fashion and it’s not about being popular… other places in Beijing take care of that! The crowd is not your regular fashionistas and you will see your fair share of ripped jeans, shirts, beer bath and passed out musicians on a couch… still, it’s all good! It’s better than good, it’s 2 Kolegas!

No one said it better than Jaime Welton of Bad Mamasan and Black Cat Bone last year

Jaime Welton ( Black Cat Bone, Bad Mamasan ):
2 Kolegas is THE Oasis for the thirsty artist, Mecca of Freedom for the insane, and the world model of the perfect music bar.

As the place turns 6, here’s looking to the next 6 years for hopefully even more good times and memories.

Here is the Weekend’s Program:

Friday May 27: Day 1

SUBS http://www.douban.com/group/lovesubs/
Buyi 布衣 http://www.douban.com/group/buyiband/
SKARVING http://www.douban.com/artist/skarving/
Wu & The Side Effects 吴的反作用 http://site.douban.com/easygoing/
+ Le Fant (Norway) , DJs

Saturday May 28: Day 2

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen 保险超人乐队 http://www.douban.com/artist/baoxianchaoren/
DH&CHINESE HELLCATS 地狱猫 http://www.douban.com/artist/dh/
Black Cat Bone 黑猫骨 http://www.douban.com/artist/heimaogu/
Nucleus 核乐队 http://site.douban.com/nucleus/
+ DJs

be there…

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  1. Jaime says:

    Hell Yeah!!!!!!

  2. Ami says:

    hah! that’s my friend willy in the picture.