City Weekend Awards: DH & The Hellcats, Yugong take the big ones

Hot on the heels of the beijinger awards, City Weekend had their little celebration last wednesday at Migas. It was one hell of a good party, nice crowd and lots of friends…
Before going any further, I must say I’m extremely impressed with the 360 degree turn that happened at that magazine… I’ve never agreed with anything they had done before or their selection. heck, the pink elephant in the room was pretty much that whomever advertised with CW got the award… It’s no longer the case!

They’ve opened their reader awards to the public, much like The Beijinger, and the results prove it! Mao Mao Chong took home Bar of the Year award which is an amazing feat! Congrats to Stephen and Stephanie on that one.

now, let’s get back to music:

Yugong Yishan Got the reader’s nod with Mao Live coming in second. 2 Kolegas took Editor’s choice!
Can’t argue with that, much like i wrote last week when Yugong won the TBJ award.

DH & The Hellcats took band of the year and i could not be more pleased… These guys are freaking awesome at what they do and they do it well, with a smile, making sure everyone has a good time.

Queen Sea Big Shark took home the Editor’s award… fair enough, not my taste but they did release an album and tour extensively this year so I can handle that.
Solidaz took honorable mention and that is just a travesty… enough people saw them to vote for them over the likes of SUBS, PK14 and what not? You gotta be kidding me! I mean, if Solidaz were that popular, they might not have needed to get out of Pavillion…

still, an award is an award… congrats to the winners and congrats to City Weekend for doing it right!
see the full list here: CW 2011 Restaurant & Bar Award Winner

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