Sum 41 Annouces China Tour, Beijing Dates for 2011

Well well, look what the little kitty dragged in this morning! After Avril Lavigne, Juliette Lewis and other younger stars, it’s now time for the punksters of SUM41 to make it to the mainland. They’re showing their marketing savvy by getting an early start at the efforts. A weibo account has already popped up and is generating quite a bit of traffic:
There is also a douban page for the Beijing leg at Wukesong mastercard arena apparently that is getting quite a bit of traffic!
While I don’t know all their catalog, I still remember them from a fun song they contributed to the soundtrack of the first Spiderman movie: “rock, it’s what it’s all about” that I did like.
I’m wondering if this is the beginning of a trend where we get the safe, younger, mid-level, NON-political bands coming to the mainland. It seems like a safe bet for promoters if you ask me.

This might be a fun show!

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2 Responses

  1. jtdj says:

    It’s funny cause it makes sense Sum-41 following Avril to China – she was married to lead singer Derycky Whibley for like 3 years or something. But I don’t think id say they’re non-political; singing about how bush is a moron, “Rock Against Bush Vol 1,”doing a documentary on the war in the Congo and recording a track for an amnesty international comp kind of show their political leanings. Its not anti china, but Amnesty Intl is not exactly China friendly. Fellow Canadians Your Favorite Enemies were just here, and they’re even more outspoken about human rights (Amnesty Intl also) but still did an extensive China tour. However, there are ways to get these kinds of bands in here regardless.

    • Beijing Daze says:

      I think perception plays a big factor in this. These bands are generally young and not big enough to make an media impact even if they get involved… unlike Oasis, Bono, Beastie Boys etc. and if they avoid getting involved/addressing the issue of that cold mountainous region, it’s even better!