Danwei is dead, Long Live the New Danwei

I don’t think Danwei need any introduction to most expats in China. The site has been around for quite sometime, predating most blogs and expat rags, reporting on happenings in China. Time have changed apparently with Jeremy Goldkorn and company going for a different direction/format.

Last week, the new Danwei was launched, as a web magazine where each issue will have a specific focus! And guess what the focus of issue #1 is? yup, Music! actually, traditional Chinese instruments to be exact! As far as I understand it, the dizi, erhu, guzheng, zhongruan, pipa and drums all getting the mini videocumentary treatment.

The Erhu (二胡) post is up already featuring Liu Hong. Check it out and keep your eyes peeled for the next installements of posts. Our good friend, the multi-talented Jonah Kessel, had a big hand in this re-branding and producing some of those video.

So congrats to Danwei, Jeremy and Jonah…. long live the new danwei!

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