Cranberries, Suede and James Blunt set for Beijing

Looks like the flood gates have re-opened on the mainland folks with a lot of artists set to come around this year and play the big silly! A whole bunch of them have already been confirmed and more apparently are on the way with each rumor bigger and juicier than the other.

So far, we’re looking at The Cranberries, playing Mastercard Arena (Wukesong), on Thursday July 28th. You can look at them as has-beens but I’m genuinely excited about this one. Dolores has one hell of a voice and I have vivid memories of seeing them stateside years and years ago!

A reunited SUEDE is also set to visit Beijing on August 7th for a gig at the Worker’s Stadium. These guys have invested heavily in China over the past few years so expect to see posters plastered everywhere. It should be a big seller but no chance of me being there! Other than their Film Star song, I’ve never really enjoyed Suede so one less person will be competing with all of ya for tickets.. you can thank me later!

Last and maybe not least, James “You’re Beautiful” Blunt will also grace the Worker’s Stadium on August 20. (Tickets Here)
SUM 41 is still not fully confirmed yet but for all the other shows, tickets are pretty much already on sale.

Keep your eyes on this space for further announcements that might be shocking.. just trust me folks, you’ll be happy musically this autumn.

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