Quickslants: Temple Launches, Capoeira for Kids, Beer Festivals and Rock Battles

Interesting weekend ahead folks. There isn’t a single must see show in my book looking at the various options available but there are quite a few intriguing options in places not often talked about. So, without any further due, let’s see what’s on the menu.

Thursday July 21:

DaKuaiTou and TianTang @ Yugong:
Talk about an interesting pairing! DKT is one of those mass appeal bands that belongs at a CCTV gala more so than anywhere else whereas TianTang is one of those old school hard rock bands. Honestly, I have no idea who came up with this one but It could be interesting. TianTang boasts one hell of a good guitar player as well as a charismatic frontman that can belch out some vocals every so often. Definitely intriguing.

Friday July 22:

Temple Grand Opening:
The new livehouse on Gulou, a stone throw away from Mao Live and ran by old Salud hand, Clement is open for business. Music courtesy of “Devils at the Crossroad” which is advertised as Rock n Roll with balls along with DJ sets and half price on drinks all night long. here’s a listing for the place on City Weekend

AIS, Tookoo and More @ 2kolegas:
I haven’t seen AIS in quite some time again so I could be in the mood some some decent music and who better than them to provide it? Tookoo is still a bit of a mistery to me as I hate them and like them all the same. They’re just not consistent enough. Other bands on the bill will probably tend to be in the same poppy rock vein but could be interesting. (AIS no longer on the bill)

Saturday July 23:

TBJ Beerfest @ Villa Castanea
ok, so this is really happening in bumfuck middle of tanganika but it’s got the potential to be really cool with The Randy Abel Stable and Ajinai both providing musical entertainment to go along with the tons of beers you might guzzle. Also DJ action and stuff. Read about it all on TBJ

Wu Tun @ Amilal:
This one is out of left field but this name has been popping up on my radar for quite some time. He used to be referred to as “King of the Underground” back in the days and now he’s gonna play an intimate set at Amilal

Brazilian Party @ Kro’s Nest:
I’ve mentioned my Capoeira group a few times on this blog and here we’re at it again Saturday at Kro’s Nest with a huge fundraiser to benefit “Compassion for Migrant Children”. There will be samba dancing, raffles, caiprinhas, tons of fun and a chance to win a round trip ticket to Brazil courtesy of TAM airlines.

LongshenDao @ 2Kolegas:
China’s one and only terrible reggae boys invade the drive in with a bunch of their friends for one of those “gonna go til the wee hours of the morning” parties. Expect dreadlocks, beers, rums, beats, DJ, interesting smells and more for a chilled relaxed good time if the weather cooperates.

of course, there’s plenty of more options in towns but as usual, these are the ones that tickle my fancy. Mao hosts Tiger Beer battle of the bands Friday night with Queen Sea Big Shark and it then hops on to Yugong Yishan Saturday with Reflector headlining.

get out, rock out, stay dry

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  1. Ruby says:

    I don’t think AIS are playing this week, last I heard was they’re not all in Beijing right now. 72band are playing 2 Kolegas on Friday, possibly in their place.

    Also you left out Sand on Friday @ Jianghu – my pick for the weekend.

    And don’t forget the Pangbianr show at Raying Temple on Saturday. If you haven’t had a chance to roadtrip out to Tongzhou yet, this is the perfect opportunity!