‘daze Contest: Identify the CD, win tickets to Neon Trees concert

Last month, yours truly was lucky to be featured on City Weekend in connection with this blog and ‘dazeFEAST. The picture they ended up using in the article was pretty cool and I’ve been meaning to use it in a contest for a while… and now is them time.

The good folks from Street Hustle are helping out by donating 2 tickets to the Neon Trees gig at Tango 3rd Floor ( formerly Starlive) with support from Pet Conspiracy and a yet-unnamed-band that the fans will vote on.

Neon Tree Beijing
So, how does this work?


– On the picture, I am holding 6 CDs from China based bands.
– 4 of those CDs are fairly easy to make up whereas the last two are a bit more difficult.
– In order to win the tickets, you have to identify 4 out of those 6 CDs!
– All those who identify 4 out of 6 CDs at least will be entered in a random drawing where one will be selected to win 2 Tickets to see Neon Trees.
– Note that the FIRST person to identify ALL 6 CDs will win a bottle of Rum from my personal collection.
– To enter, send an email beijingdaze [at] gmail.com with both the Bands’ names and the CD titles
– Contest ends Friday July 29th
– Winner will be announced on monday August 1…

How well do you know your music Beijing? Here’s the high resolution picture (click)

good luck

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6 Responses

  1. Chery says:

    Bad Mamasan mo-fo! Who cares about the rest! Ha

    Luv yer ‘metal face’

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    Come on now Chery Bomb… you can do better than that 🙂
    I dare you to guess 3 right

  3. zhang Si'an says:

    Mademoiselle et son orchestre, Bad Mamasan, Dongzi, don’t know the rest.

  4. Hehe, with the help from the ones above I think I can name four:
    Mademoiselle et son orchestre, Bad Mamasan, Dongzi
    and ……
    24 Hours!

    The other two are just too hidden…

  5. Willis says:

    Mademoiselle et son orchestre – cafe pour deux, Bad Mamasan – Jeanine the Wolverine, 24 Hours – No party people, Buyi – Autumn, andddd maybe Dongzi – Shi Fang, and a shot in the dark —- hedgehog – honeyed and killed

  6. Chery says:

    I’m sorry, but I really really hardly listen to anything that came out after Nirvana… I know all the Canned Heat album covers tho, hahaha.

    And it’s been like forever since I last stepped into a CD shop, although we practice by the place near C Rock all the time!

    BTW Where were you Monday? Was looking for you. But the sound system @ MAO was kinda weird, so can’t say you missed anything…